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What made you want to become a writer?

Injustice in India.

For those of us in the dark, can you tell us more about the Sikhs and what happened to them in 1984?

Sikhism is a sovereign religion (world’s fifth largest) which was founded by Guru Nanak – the first master in 15th century. He was born in 1469 at Nankana Sahib (Now in Pakistan). There have been 10 masters of the religion. The 10th Master gave a final stamp to this religion and introduced some mandatory signs to be worn by Sikhs. These are called Five Kakaars. In India we Sikhs sacrificed 93% to get India freedom but the power was transferred to majority Hindus in 1947 by British. To keep Sikhs in India the leaders of ruling congress made some promises with Sikhs which were never fulfilled. Thus the differences started ended in Operation Bue Star when Indian army attacked the highest temporal seat of Sikhs in Amritsar known as Akal Takhat in the complex of Golden temple. Indira Gandhi was the shrewed politician and Prime Minister of India who invaded Golden temple. In this attack Indian army suffered a heavy loss of casualities, in frustration at killed the innocent pilgrims in Gurdwara complex who were there to celebrate the martyrdom day of their fifth Guru on that day. The army didn’t allow them to walk out of Gurdwara but killed the thousands in indiscriminate firng. On 31st October, Indira was killed by two Sikhs. His son Rajiv Gandhi was announced as next Prime Minister. He was sworn in on the same day at 6.30 in the evening. He took revenge by misusing police force and the massacre of Sikhs was started next day on 1st November. This pogrom continued for 72 hrs and the army was not deployed by ruling party. Nearly 20000 Sikhs or more than that were killed aftermath the assassination of Indira Gandhi in India.

You’ve clearly taken a special interest in this actor called Amitabh Bacchan. I believe he’s the actual actor they used in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ in that unforgettable scene when the boy drops into the sewage just to meet him. What was Amitabh Bacchan’s involvement in the 1984 Sikh genocide?

Amitabh bacchan was a famous cine actor of India and a close friend of Rajiv Gandhi. He too came to Delhi and then he was provided the TV Crew to incite Hindus by raising hatred slogans to demand blood of Sikhs. This was shot in Teen Moorti Bhawan, Delhi where the dead body of late PM Inidira was laid to pay last tributes. To encash the emotional sentiments on assassination of Indira, the emotions of majority Hindus were converted into hate with Sikhs.

Amitabh gave the hatred call as ‘ KHOON KA BADLA KHOON” – BLOOD FOR BLOOD. He was celebrity. His call was intermittently telecast for 72 hours on national TV Door Darshan-India’s only TV Channel.

Due to his provocative appeal on LIVE TV, the violence against Sikhs erupted almost in every part of India, The property of Sikhs was looted, their homes and business establishments were set on fire, their females molested and at some places raped too, Their mobile assets like cars, trucks, buses etc, were damaged or set on fire.Many innocent Sikhs (About 4000) unofficially reports 20.000, throughout India were killed due to his provocation. He is never booked on any charges neither of spreading hate, conspiracy, provocation and massacre of innocent citizens due to provocation.Thus he was able to achieve his goal successfully by his desired ill-will.

So Amitabh, being a close family friend of Rajiv Gandhi, took part in massacre of Sikhs by provocation, to incite the majority Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs and to spread violence throughout India which couldn’t be spread if he hadn’t not given a LIVE call on powerful media—The TV Channel. And sent his message in every home in every corner of India.

Any thoughts on why Amitabh Bacchan has not been arrested? If he incited hate and mass murder, why has he not been put in jail?

He certainly incited and the evidence is there but he was never booked because of his relations with powerful, highly influential political family of Gandhi’s in India. I tried my best but Public Interest Litigation appeal was turned down by a judge Man Mohan of Delhi High Court. Had I appealed on false evidences, the Court would have taken note of it and punished me for wasting its time but they were not interested in opening any legal case against him. So no action was taken against me which is proof in itself that he is guilty. Had the Court taken any action against me, I could easily open the case and link it with Amitabh’s involvement, if action I had been taken and arrest warrant on Amitabh had been issued, he could reveal some facts behind it like who provided him the opportunity to appear on TV and the script to incite Hindus. Means direct involvement of Gandhi family so no action as ever taken against him. He is provided the ‘Z’ security cover of trained Natinal Security Guards equal to PM of India.

When no action was taken by Delhi High Court, I came on net and published each and every word truthfully to aware general public and new generation of Sikhs about this monster. I have written several times on Amitabh’s blog also to keep him aware and to remind him the darkest black pages of his real life to him also.

Do you think Amitabh Bacchan will ever be made to account for his involvement in the 1984 Sikh genocide?

I do not think he will ever be booked by any Court in India because of his links with high ups in corridors of North Block in Delhi. So far as Gandhi family is ruling India—no possibility.

I read that renowned filmmaker Deepa Metha was making a film on the Kamagata Maru and that she was considering Amitabh Bacchan for the main role as a Sikh. How does it make you feel that she would use an actor who was instrumental in 1984 Sikh genocide to play as a Sikh?

When I came to know about plans of Deepa Mehta from Canada to make a film on Kamagata Maru ship and the lead role of Baba Gurditta Singh ji to be played by this monster, I immediately sent protest note to Deepa Mehta and iformed the Sikhs in Canada and thousands of mails flooded into Deepa mehta’s mail box condemning her decision. Since then I never herad about her plan if she still desires but I am sure she will not make any such historical film in which the lead Sikh character is ever played by this monster Amitabh. If you are sure, I shall make an appeal again and see the result yourself.

Is there justice for minorities in India?

There are two type of law in India, one for majority Hindus and the other for minorities though the Indian constitution guarantees equality but it’s not in practice. For example Sikhs were massacred in 1984 in India, no perpetrator is ever punished. The highest intelligence agency of India CBI couldn’t collect any evidence against these perpetrators. The innocent Sikhs who opposed this barbaric law were arrested and are behind bars without trials and being tortured. Recently Human rights activist from France Pal singh was arrested without any fault of him and not released. It’s a long list of Sikhs suffering in India on hands of this ruling party.

The Muslims were butchered in Guzrat in 2002 but no punishment to any influential whereas everyone knows the person Narendra Modi was the mastermind behind this holocaust. He is the Chief Minister of Guzrat and no action has ever been taken against him. The Christians were murdered in Orissa, same thing was repeated there. No action is ever taken against the killers because they were from majority Hindus.

What is one saying or proverb you live by?

Truthfully speaking I depend on my children. They take care of me. In India it’s a custom the elders are looked by their children and thank God-they do.

What advice would you give aspiring writers?

I would suggest them to write truthfully without any fear, but if they are story writer, the things can be different and imaginary but the writing skill must be there. Plan in mind before writing and then write, if needed make correction but the thread must not be broken. The reader should find himself in the world where you are taking him. That will be your success.

Where can we read more about your work?

I generally write on blogs because it needs to find a publisher and spend from pocket which I can’t afford so I do not try to get my books published. Though my book on revelation on death mystery of Subhash Chandra Bose was distributed free of cost but due to financial problems, I couldn’t edit a second edition. It’s also posted on blog in two parts in the Hindi language; both parts are interlinked on net. The title of the book is ’ANTIM SATYA’ .Please see:

http://antimsatyasubhashbose.blogspot.com/  &  http://antimsatyaasubhashbose.blogspot.com/

There are nearly 50 blogs written and managed by me on net. So you can search on google or contact me directly.

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