Nalin Singh– Writer

What made you want to become a writer?

I am a litterature student…..and a very lazy writer…i beleive that ‘a drop of ink can make a millions think…’

Where and when did you first learn about  Hitler?

A common indian is aware of who hitler was, though we did not suffer the concenteration camps…he is known as the worlds greatest dictator”’

When you think about Hitler what do you think about?

Hitler’an eye for an eye””…to which gandhi replied an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”””…..hitler was an eccenteric brutal animal…though there are shades of grey.between black and white to a normal human being…we remember a leader through his decisions that he takes for his country..unfortunately hitler let his country and the whole of mankind to a disaster….

Indian politicians sometimes use Hitler as an example of patriotism. One politician even said he admired him for being an artist. Was Hitler an artist? Do you see Hitler in any other light? 

hitler was a common person at the initial, he rose up to the power of  ‘fuhrer’..his speeches were fiery and did bring infuse patriotism in his people at that time…we can see that in the footages where he is giving the speeches…he was a painter (horrible one),and got rejected when he wanted to take admission in an arts school)he did read a lot of shaekespear and other writers like nietze etc…(some critics think that his philosophy of suicide was inspired by his reading on netzse)its not a part of my movie hence i will keep my oopinion reserved…

INDIAN POLITICIANS have never admired the brutal killings that hitler had done…its a wrong notion which the section of western media has always carried.. i cud never find an answer as to why???? i see him as a leader of a country who took wrong decisions which led his counrty and the whole of world into world war 2…

How has the reception been at Cannes?
World premier was very nice , all the misconceptions about the movie was removed ….

What is one saying or proverb you live by?

Give peace a chance…solve all issues of your house and the world through non voilence…

What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Know your target audience,creativity has to be marketed well…

Where can we read more about your work?

I am just another common man like you,and i love America…!!!peace on earth!!!!


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