Rajan S Thackeray– Writer and Activist

Swami Thackeray (Rajan S Thackeray) is a positive role model and leader in the Hindu community. He has just begun a program called Hindu Watch USA to make sure the media doesn’t slander or misrepresent Hindutva in any way. His forthcoming book ‘India Beware’ takes a look at hard-line Christian Conversionists who have begun a campaign of manipulation and violence to denationalize Indians and destroy Indian culture.  He fears that these Conversionists will continue their persecution of Indians unless the Indian government doesn’t take hard action against them like the communists.

What made you want to become a writer?

My religion did. It’s one of the most peaceful religions in the world and I wanted to bring the teachings of Hindutva to America and to Americans who need a more peaceful outlook on life.

What inspired you to write ‘India Beware’?

Lies created by Christian fundamentalist in America who are trying to slander one of the most peaceful countries in the world. How can these Christians say and write all these lies about India and Orissa. The Christian fundamentalists in America are very aggressive and use violent means to trick poor Indians into conversion. They say Hindus are hurting Christians, but it is very much the other way around. We need to stop Hindu persecution from the Christian Conversionists before it’s too late. The conversionists are a threat to a very peaceful country and I suppose I wanted to expose this threat to the American people. Americans need to know the truth about what is happening to India because of these violent conversionists.

What is happening in India?

What is happening is conversionists are actually denationalizing Indians and that is upsetting many Indian people who are usually so peaceful. Even an elephant can get angry so why upset the elephant? The government of India has given its people good laws—anti-conversion laws to protect the Indian people under attack—but still conversionists continue to denationalize our people. These conversionists also say we love Hitler. But that is not true. We respect Hitler for being patriotic and loving his country but we do not love Hitler. Respect is not love. Americans must also understand that India had nothing to do with Hitler or the wars so most Indians know little about what he did. They just know he was a good leader. India is the only country in the world that achieved total freedom by total peace by one Hindu man.  As a peaceful people we cannot deny even Hitler’s humanity even if that upsets people in the Western world. The new movie Dear Friend Hitler is all about Gandhi embracing Hitler’s humanity and viewing Hitler as a friend. We must embrace Hitler’s humanity and look at his good qualities like leadership instead of focusing on violence or negativity like people in this country do.

Was the journey difficult?

I’m having a hard time with American publishers, but some publishers in India have helped me set up a publishing company here to publish and distribute my books. So I am grateful and I believe ‘India Beware’ will be ready very soon. It needs to be because the problem with the conversionists is getting bad and a peaceful elephant is getting really upset.

Where can we find out more about your work?

Face-book. Please also look for my Hindutva group page and sign my petition against the conversionists hurting the most peaceful elephant in the world called India.


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