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Ariana R. Cherry is a self-published poet in her twenties residing in a small little rural town in Central Illinois with her husband and daughter. She has been writing since about the age of 9, and has two collections of poems in print, titled: The Real Me Xtended & “Through Her Eyes.” She has just begun her journey to go public with her writing and hopes to spread her love and inspiration of poetry to readers everywhere.

Her inspiration of poetry comes from present and past life experiences. Sometimes she may even be inspired by a touching novel, a piece of music, or even a moving movie that has just left its imprint upon her heart and mind.  Another powerful inspiration is her Lord and Savior who is always with her in every piece of work that she creates.

Ariana is a kind and sweethearted person who puts her friends and family first before any other situation. She would love to teach a poetry workshop with children, teenagers, or even the elderly.

These days, she is busy managing a Central IL poets group that she started called the “Hometown Poets Society.” So far they have done a few poetry readings and there is currently about 13 members coming from about 5 different other local communites.

She is also full time data technician/receptionist at a local agency that helps serve to low income families. Ariana is also a certified Computer Application Specialist and an everlasting entrepenuer always beaming with new business ideas.

What made you want to become a poet?


I’ve been writing since I was a young child. I actually used to read my stories at milk break when I was in the fourth grade. We had these slips of paper called Story Starters–and I would create stories from them. At milk time, I would sit up in the director’s chair and read to my class. Ever sine then, it inspired me to want to share my writing with others and hopefully inspire others to write or to at least enjoy reading works of literature.

Was the journey difficult?

The journey wasn’t difficult really. It’s hard to try to make a living being a poet so I do have a full time job on the side to make ends meet. Poetry is an art that comes and goes, and I try to bring it alive again in my community. Most of my family would tell me it may be hard to make a living to be a writer, but they never ever discouraged me. My teachers and my family always enjoyed and still continue to enjoy reading my writing. They understand that its something that I enjoy sharing with others. No journey is difficult if you put your mind to it.

Any help?

I have had the help of my family and friends with their encouragement. Also, lots of inspiration from my Lord, has also helped me to create some of my most beautiful poetry pieces. He in the inspiration behind all of my work. I haven’t had any help financially with my poetry. I did come across and they have helped me a great deal to become a self published author. They have low prices which I am able to afford and have my books printed so that I can share it with those that I love and to any new readers that may come along as well.

Any obstacles?

Sometimes life can get in the way. Working a full time job, being a wife and a mother, its hard to find my “down time.” ….But I enjoy everything that I do in my life, and I wouldn’t necessarily call them obstacles.  But no matter how much you really want something, you mustn’t “let life get in the way.”—If something is really meant to be, you will find time to do it 🙂

How would we classify you genre or style?

My poetry could be described as inspirational and sometimes humorous.  Most of my writing has a Christian theme, but I do write humorous poetry to give people a good laugh as well. Everybody needs to laugh in life once in awhile.

Any lessons learned on your artistic journey?

You can’t please everybody with the work that you do. You will find those who may not like what you write or even understand it. Don’t let them get you down or disappoint you. I find that I just write what comes from my heart.  There will be those who like it-and those who won’t.


Where does that inner drive to write come from?

My inner drive comes from the Lord. He gives me the words that I need to write. I feel the emotions and the themes of my poems from my heart. I’ve always had that inner strength in me to write.–It’s just taken some years of growing up and practice to really develop my style of writing.



Do you have a favorite poem?

One of my favorite poems are “Lost Angel.” It’s short and sweet, but yet has a strong message. Never give up–and there will always be somebody there to give you a helping hand.




….far beyond the fires..
and within the winds of whispers…
an angel laid her hand on me last night
with restless eyes
and a pleading cry…

somewhere along the way–she had gotten lost
and i had found her
in the moment that i had almost
gave up




What is one saying or proverb you live by?

If you missed something once, you could miss it forever.”

I actually read that in a romance novel, but it has so much meaning behind it. Try not to miss the things in life that mean the most to you—There may not be a second chance to make it up.

What advice would you give kids (or a struggling artist) who wish to pursue a career in writing?

Follow your heart—Any dream can be made real not matter how hard it may seem. Financial gain doesn’t have to be a reason for wanting to pursue a dream. Sometimes it’s just simply making others happy. And to make others happy -first you have to make yourself happy.  Once needs to listen to their inner voice-It is the one that carries us all the way. And don’t let anybody tell you can’t do it..Anything is possible when you put your heart and mind to it–And always tell the ones you love and who love you about it–They can be your back whenever you might need somebody to lean on.


Where can parents and kids find out more about your work?

You can read my poetry at

You can also buy my books at

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